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Giving Blood

March 5, 2009

The Blood Mobile Comes to Pendleton PresbyterianEverybody wants to be happy. We are hungry for fulfilled desires, for loves and affections that fill our hearts with peace. But happiness is a hard thing to get at and it alludes us just when we think it might be within our grasp. As much as we long for happiness a more familiar if unwelcome companion is unhappiness. What about you? Is your hope for a happy life disintegrating before the many challenges that batter against your spirit? Are you finding in yourself a dark and growing cynicism,  a doubt that there is any such thing as happiness at all?

It seems to me that your life is meant for happiness and joy and peace. Consider the newborn  baby. Newborns immededialy crave their mothers loving care. They can be given everything for their physical needs: water, food, clothing, warmth and shelter, everything that their body requires for survival, but fail to thrive if they are not given love and affection. This is true not just of the newborn but of all of us at whatever age we find ourselves. We crave and need meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Your happiness was God’s idea from the very beginning of time. The first book of the Bible gives us a picture of a world God created and that world was good. We are told of God’s creation of the human being. And God looked at what he had made, the man and the woman, and it was very good. God intended that his creatures would flourish and live abundantly in a world created for just such a purpose. But things have not worked out as God had originally intended. Sin and evil have made their way into God’s good creation through the willfulness and rebellion of the human creature and so creation no longer functions as God designed it.

God is determined to get it all back. God is unrelenting in his pursuit of the goodness that was lost- and that includes you! As messy as your life is and as broken as you are with your distructive habits and addictions God looks at you and he sees a daughter, a son. He is going to get back the world he made. And that means he is going to get you back. God sees you and hears your prayers, God is already at work saving you from your desperate, desolate and hopeless life, in order to give you the happiness he intends for you to have.

God promises to reorder your life. And a big part of that is reordering your deepest loves and affections and in doing so to reorder your life. You can trust God to do this. His faithfulness and fidelity have proven true for many people with lives far more miserable than yours. Jesus Christ has shown time and again that God’s resurrection power is stronger than the  grip that death has on you,  no matter whether it be your destructive habits and addictions, your failed relationships and broken promises. Jesus wants to give you his resurrection life and give you new purposes and desires for your life, here and now.

God will displace your disordered loves with reordered loves. Jesus the teacher will teach you to love God with all your heart, spirit, mind and strength. In making God your top priority, you will also learn how to love yourself, your neighbors, and all creation and all it contains in the right way.

Here at Pendleton Presbyterian we hope to embody his resurrection life in our lives and give witness to the reordering of our loves and lives which God is working in us.  We do this in countless ordinary ways one of which is the annual giving of the gift of blood. This year we are giving blood on Saturday, March 7, from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. in the parking lot at the Pendleton Presbyterian street address.

This is one small way we participate with God in the reordering of our loves and lives. We hope that in ways such as this we are learning to love God as well as ourselves and our neighbors.

You are most warmly welcome to join us in this adventure with God as we walk with Jesus in his way.

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