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3 Pithy Remarks on Handling the Doctrine of the Trinity

April 28, 2009


These quotes are posted by Fred Sanders over at The Scriptorium.

Not very helpful:

The Trinity: Try to Understand It and You’ll Lose Your Mind. Try to Deny It and You’ll LOSE YOUR SOUL! –mercifully anonymous but sadly widespread

Much better:

Nowhere else is a mistake more dangerous, or the search more laborious, or discovery more advantageous. –Augustine


It is rashness to search too far into it. It is piety to believe it. It is life eternal* to know it. And we can never have a full comprehension of it, till we come to enjoy it. –Bernard of Clairvaux

Dr. Fred Sanders is an evangelical Protestant theologian with a passion for the great tradition of Christian thought. He holds a degree in art from Murray State University and an MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, with a PhD from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Since 1999 he has taught in the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University.

 *Note:  “‘Eternal life’ does not mean simply ‘existence continuing without end’, but a new quality of life, ‘the life of the age to come’. This life of the coming age, was viewed  [by Jews and Jesus himself] as not just simply something which people had after their death. It isn’t simply that in some future state the world will go on for ever and ever and we shall be part of it. The point(in the Gospels), rather, that this new sort of life has come to birth in the world in and through Jesus.  Once he has completed the final victory over death itself (his resurrection), all his followers will possess ‘eternal life’ right here and now.” – N. T. Wright



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