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The Mother’s Day Offering

April 28, 2009

Traditionally, this is a time honored celebration of all mothers and their many gifts to beloved family and friends. F0r Presbyterians across our state of South Carolina, this is also a special Mission Day as we prayerfully consider the needs of Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina (PCSC). The five retirement communities across the state serve over 800 people.

Consider for a moment what it means to age. Each of us plans to be independent, physically and financially. Think of how often our best plans do not work out. For many of us independent living until the end of life is not possible. Even the best financial plan may not keep pace with chaning health care and living costs. This is particulalry true in today’s economy! The entire Mother’s Day offering enables PCSC to provide benevolent care for residents who find themselves in such need. You may know one.

“In 2008 with everyone’s help $2.1 million in resident aid was given to those who qualified. Over the past 20 years more than @27 million has been given for resident aid. You and your gifts make tht possible.”

In spite of changes in the economy, Pendleton PC has exceeded our giving of 2008. TheĀ challenge continues.

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