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InDwellings, Inc.

May 14, 2009

Charles and Nancy Blakely’s first child was born in 1980. Anne was born with significant disabilities, including mental retardation.

Now Charles and Nancy are asking for our help. Here is their letter:

“We cared for Anne with all the love in our hearts, and she lived a happy and full life, thanks to so many of you who knew her and cared about her, and about us. However we wondered what her future would be like once we passed on or were no longer able to care for her. We found that many parents in SC have the same questions about their children with developmental disabilities. With all the wonderful ministries of the Presbyterian Church and Foothills Presbytery, we hoped the church would take on another mission, to minister to people with disabilities, and to their families who need the peace of mind of knowing that their children would have a safe, warm, welcoming home with a Christian atmosphere once their families were unable to care for them. To that end we began the ministry of InDwellings, to build and operate group homes for adults with disabilities.

We have the land, we have the plans, we have the applicants, we have the dedication-   we need is your support and prayers. We have embarked upon a capitol campaign to raise the funds needed to build and open our first home on land adjacent to the Presbyterian Communities in Easley. We’ll be kicking off our campaign on the evening of May 28 with a party on our property and we invite you to come and get involved. If you cannot come to that evening, we ask you and Pendleton Presbyterian to consider the needs of the special population among us and to make a donation to Indwellings, Inc.

Our daughter Anne passed away in 2004, and so Nancy and I continue our work with Indwellings in her memory. Is thee a special person in your family, your congregation, or your neighborhood whom you would like to honor with a gift to Indwellings? Our would you simply like to express the love of Christ toward those who would benefit from such a happy Christian home?

We invite you to join us in this ministry of Foothills Presbytery, and we would love an opportunity to come to your church and share more about the ministry of Indwellings. In the near future Laurie Lefevre (Board Member) or a member of our Capital Campaign Committee will be contacting your seeking an opportunity to meet with your Session regarding this important ministry. Thank you for your consideration.

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