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May you find our site helpful as you are curious about Pendleton Presbyterian. Our faith community dates back to 1789. It was first known as Hopewell-Keowee. We are saved by God’s grace alone. Our life is always God’s gift and never just our own as though we could be free of God or make God indebted to us. We have been united in Jesus Christ our Lord and called to be participants with him in his answer to our prayer, “Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as in heaven.” We are a community learning what it means each and every day to pray the Lord’s Prayer. We intend that our life reflect the light of God’s love into places of deep darkness, and that we embody a vibrant and authentic biblical culture of grace and peace in which to experience and express the reality of God’s love in the way of Jesus, even as we look forward to his return as the one who both judges and forgives.

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